German and Spanish Depositors Increasingly Discover Lithuania’s Mano Bank via Raisin’s Open Banking Platform


The collaboration between Mano Bank and Raisin has empowered European savers to access the services of Mano Bank, which utilizes their deposits to fuel the growth of Lithuanian small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Mano Bank, Lithuania’s first specialized bank, has witnessed consistent growth of the customer base among German and Spanish depositors after receiving the right to accept deposits from EU citizens and starting a collaboration with Raisin, Europe’s number one savings and investments marketplace.

Mano Bank is a licensed specialized bank, leveraging its Bank of Lithuania license under EU passporting rules to operate across the EU. The collaboration with the Raisin platform began in September 2021 with just 4 deposits totaling 320,000 EUR. However, in just 2 years, this modest start evolved into a significant expansion, with deposits reaching 54 million EUR.

Currently, Mano Bank pays a competitive interest rate up to 3.65% for a 12-month period. This, coupled with the convenience of access to Mano Bank’s deposits through the Raisin platform, makes it an attractive choice for German and Spanish depositors.

The momentum continues, with both the number and value of German deposits consistently increasing month by month. Currently, more than 800 Germans have chosen to place their time deposits with the bank, with the total amount exceeding 45 million EUR. Additionally, there are 192 Spanish depositors with an 9.3 million EUR portfolio.

“Lithuania, as a part of highly rated regulatory environment ensuring deposit insurance coverage up to 100,000 EUR, presents an attractive option for German and Spanish customers seeking secure banking solutions. Additionally, Mano Bank offers customers a variety of deposit terms and consistently ranks within the top 5 for interest rates offered on the platform,” said Giedrė Blazgienė, CEO of Mano Bank, emphasizing the bank’s value proposition for European depositors.

The deposits are used to credit Lithuanian small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) which contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

“Mano Bank recognizes the invaluable contribution of SMEs to our economy and our pivotal role in fueling their growth,” stated Blazgienė. “We are committed to providing tailored financing and banking solutions that empower SMEs to thrive, driving entrepreneurship, job creation, and innovation, particularly in sustainability and green financing initiatives.”

Blazgienė highlighted the bank’s collaboration with The European Investment Fund (EIF), a key partner in implementing the InvestEU Fund, to offer vital support to SMEs, finance the Green Deal, and enhance SME competitiveness.

“We are pleased to see the addition of Mano Bank to other key markets for Raisin. This collaboration further strengthens our mission of a single European market for savings products. Our partnership brings further choices to German and Spanish depositors seeking to maximize their savings. We look forward to a partnership that will benefit all parties – Raisin, Mano Bank, and, most importantly, our customers,” said Tamaz Georgadze, CEO of Raisin.

Raisin is Europe’s leading savings and investment platform, active in the largest European markets and the US. Using the Raisin platform enables individuals to compare deposit terms and deposit funds across banks in various countries. German depositors opt for Mano Bank due to its appealing interest rates and security assurances. These assurances stem from the specialized bank license issued by the Bank of Lithuania and the deposit and investment insurance valid in Lithuania.

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