PAYSTRAX’s growth relies on values and dependable partnerships


PAYSTRAX, a financial technology company offering payment processing solutions to customers in Europe and UK, is planning for continued rapid growth. Since the 2020s, Mano Bank has been contributing to the company’s growth with its services.

Since 2018, PAYSTRAX AB and the Lithuanian specialized bank Mano Bank have shared similar operating values and advantages, coinciding in the market. Both financial services companies offer a unique approach to the client, providing a wide range of services, the ability to create specialized solutions and adapt to market trends. AB PAYSTRAX, for instance,  offers payment services for Visa and Mastercard payment cards across various platforms, including point-of-sale scanners, online, mobile and other electronic payment systems. Additionally, PAYSTRAX has expanded its services to include alternative payment methods like ApplePay or GooglePay And accepts American Express card payments.

Most of the fintech company’s clients are from the United Kingdom, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania and Germany. With the growing number of customers and payment volumes, the company’s team of employees has also more than doubled in the last two years. It is planned to continue to grow.

“We initiated a partnership with Mano Bank in March 2020. During the initial stages of our company’s operations, Mano Bank demonstrated a commendable willingness to collaborate with us. Our company relies on Mano Bank for processing EUR payments to our customers. Mano Bank consistently exhibits prompt responsiveness to inquiries related to payments, a vital factor aligning with our business requirements,“ PAYSTRAX CEO Johannes Kolbeinsson.

According to the company, Mano Bank is able to serve the constantly growing number of payments, respond quickly to requests and ensure timely payments. This enables both partners to plan their work and future growth. Johannes Kolbeinsson adds that Mano Bank demonstrates very high standards of professionalism and security in all operations, which only strengthens the feeling of trust and reliability. PAYSTRAX itself also pays great attention to security, professionalism, data protection requirements, and general compliance with laws such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Professionalism is one of the three core values of the company.

“Ambition, professionalism and fun are the values we rely on when creating the company’s internal culture and providing services to clients, and we try to communicate this publicly. When creating financial services, we must do it professionally, set ambitious goals for ourselves and do not forget to create a positive work environment”, emphasizes the CEO.

Currently, PAYSTRAX offices operate in Vilnius, Klaipėda, as well as in Reykjavik (Iceland) and Brighton (United Kingdom). The company has more than 80 employees.