UN carbon offset certificate

For the second consecutive year, Mano Bank is actively working to reduce and offset calculated direct and indirect CO2e emissions. This is achieved through contributions to United Nations projects aimed at mitigating the climate crisis. These projects primarily focus on reducing emissions in economically challenged developing countries. This year, the bank has chosen a project in Malawi that addresses environmental, social, and economic issues.

The essence of the project lies in providing specially designed clay ovens to the people of Malawi, created by the Malawians themselves. Due to the country’s poor economy (Malawi ranks among the poorest nations globally), local residents rely on open fires for their cooking needs rather than purchasing such stoves.

However, a conducted study revealed that using these clay ovens requires up to 70% less wood to boil 1 liter of water compared to traditional open fires. This results in a 46% reduction in emitted particles and a 44% decrease in carbon monoxide emissions. It is estimated that each household’s pollution is reduced by approximately 2 tCO2e per year.

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